Chapter Topics

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Who’s In Control Here?
Your Muscles Lead the Way
Mother Nature’s Laws
Muscle Relaxation
The Anatomy of an Airliner
Aerodynamics for Fearful Flyers
Couch Time!
Medication, Alcohol, Hypnosis
Fear and Anger
The Flight Deck
Flight Safety
Making an Informed Choice

Are you afraid to fly? If so, you know your fear may have prevented you from visiting family members, taking a great vacation, or attending an important meeting. Plain and simple, fear of flying can keep you from living your life to the fullest.

In this easy-to-digest, 148-page book, you'll learn how your body and mind interact to create tension and stress, and how these emotions can be traced to other experiences in your life. You'll learn to recognize the onset of fear, how to prevent it from immobilizing you, how to literally relax your mind and muscles, and confidently complete a flight.

Dr. Michael P. Tomaro, clinical psychologist and certified flight instructor, has nearly four decades of experience both in the cockpit and in his office, helping his patients overcome their anxieties -- including the fear of flying.

Read the testimonials. Download the sample chapter. And for about $39, you can order a hard copy of the book from In the 10 years this book has been available to the public, not a single copy has been returned to Dr. Tomaro to collect on the book's money-back guarantee. That's because it works.

Third Edition
by Michael P. Tomaro, Ph.D.
Aviation Psychologist and Flight Instructor
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